Friday, January 1, 2010

General Announcements

Please do not check this site anymore for updated attendance/points listings. Please check with your attendance Galka, Mr. Arizod. Thanks and good day/evening/night!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Change in Attendance Person

As you can tell the site doesn't get that frequently updated. Partly because it didn't seem like people used it anyways (except for a select few). However, I have decided to relinquish the attendance back to Arizod from whom I inherited the job. It has been fun and hopefully I haven't made too many mistakes. Reasons for this are personal, part of it being on call randomly which means sometimes I can't make it, and other reasons.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trimming of Attendance Roster

These people will be removed from active members at the next posting. If you are on here and don't below, please leave me a comment. Parenthesis is current attendance points.

Brandell (2), Brookelynanne (1), Carolann (15), Chefdom (4), Dorion (1), Finuve (21), GreenSuperMaster (4), Lagslider (1), Lionheartzero (8), Ryuguar (2), Tashlyn (3), Thetyphon (7), Zazane (4).

These people have not shown up in over a month.

Shortie will not be available for a few. Vashstarwin will not be available for a few.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Attendance: Alinaaset, Arizod, Aznmahavailo, Belgarath, Cerene, Clasp, Godswrath, Kael, Kenne, Shikaru, Smoke, Toniudontknowme, Verrick, Warford, Xarxsis

Coins: 0
Attendance: 15
Avg. Coins: 0
AF Drops: 0

Currently our record since 8/11/07 on Omega is 7 wins 2 losses. Our percentage is 77.78%. We unfortunately had our second loss to Omega, third overall since the inception of the shell. There were a couple of things we could do better next time.

1) The 4 legged form is kited. Please let our tanks gain hate (i.e. spam nin tools, provoke) while kiting BEFORE the BLMs gently nuke with Tier III. Remember we don't want the BLMs to gain hate. Mages stay as far out of AoE as possible. 4 legged form is pretty resistant to physical attacks.

2) The 2 legged form is straight tanked. Tanks line up so THF and /THF can plant hate. Tanks try not to move as much as possible as you know how tricky SATA can be. BLMs and RDMs keep up DoT. The 2 legged form is pretty resistant to magical damage.

3) WHMs and /WHM be prepared to remove status effects. They will not always show up on your screen so you need to memorize and be prepared to quickly remove as gravity, silence, paralyze can spell death for a tank. While kiting, unfortunately, you have to do your best to keep up with the kiters. BLMs and /DRK and DRK be prepared to stun Colossal Blow.

  • Hyper Pulse: AoE ~300 damage, Gravity and short Bind
  • Rear Lasers: Damage and Petrification, used when someone behind Omega gets hate
  • Ion Efflux: Cone Attack Paralysis
  • Stun Cannon: Cone Attack ~300 damage and Paralysis
  • Target Analysis: AoE Absorb-ALL, absorbed by Utsusemi
  • Floodlight: AoE ~300 damage, Blind and Silence, ignores Utsusemi
  • Colossal Blow: Massive damage that ignores Utsusemi can be STUNNED
4) Mages do your best to stay out of AoE range and also keep SS up as much as possible. If healers are going to rest, let fellow mages know so they can help cover healing.

5) If we have a massive wipe early on, one WHM and RDM devote yourself to keeping the tanks alive. Tanks please Kite if asked to much like the 4 legged form. Others focus on raising as quickly as possible.

6) Third form is resistant somewhat to both Physical and Magical Damage.

7) When you see a Gunpod say it in chat please as sometimes it is difficult to miss. We usually have a PLD on gun pod duty and BLMs take it down quickly.

8) Generally I've done Proto-Omega with a PLD/NIN on gunpod duty and two NIN/WAR trading hate to kite. Now that I think about it, I've also done it with PLD/NIN and NIN/WAR co-tanks (remember Kwontess). If you have suggestions about party formation please speak up prior to leaving. I won't be offended and take suggestions really well. After all I'm a hopeless party formation person.

9) Our win record is pretty good. We generally pull even ugly things off. Tonight we were a little off our kilter. We were missing a WHM and that makes it hard on the lone WHM (trust me I know. I was the sole WHM on our first Omega wipe). An early AoE flattened a lot of people. We didn't end up kiting after that AoE for a while and more people died. All in all, we managed to get him down to 20% even with everyone generally weakened.

Chalk this up to learning experience. A full briefing will be done prior to next Omega run to remind people about the different forms. I know some shells just straight tank Omega throughout. We could try this if people wanted. Otherwise we can just go with our generally winning formula and kick his ass the next time. Please leave any suggestions in the comment box.